Want To Know What The Different Types Of Massages Are? Then Read On.

Do you need a massage? Not sure which one to choose? In this article, we will have a brief look at what the different types of massages that are out there. We will also discuss what the differences are between them. We hope you find this helpful.

Massages For Relaxation and Relieving Stress.

There are certain type of massages that are more relaxing than others. When you are having them done you will feel very relaxed and will never want it to end. These massages include:

The Swedish Massage – Many people choose this type of massage. It comes with a mixture of: rhythmic tapping, muscle rolling and kneading, long sweeping strokes, and friction. This massage is the one to choose if you want to relax, remove stress, or release any tense muscles that you may have.

The Hot Stone Massage – During this massage, your body will be pressed onto some smooth and hot stones. The stones will also be used to massage your body. The heat of the stones will help you to relax your back and shoulders. This massage is worth choosing if you have tense muscles that need to be released.

The Chair Massage – This requires you to sit face forward in a chair. The person performing the massage will then give your back, neck and shoulders a massage. This is a great massage to have if you need to remove stress and if you have been on your feet for the whole day.

Massages Designed For Relieving Pain And Other Conditions.

These can be known as traditional massages. If you need to relax and remove some stress, or if you have certain areas that require attention, then these are the massages to go for.

The Deep Tissue Massage – This method involves deep pressure. The person performing the massage will put some deep pressure on to certain areas that need attention. Your massage will involve the use of elbow’s and knuckles. This is so that your muscle tissue can be “stripped out”. If you are wanting to relax during the massage, then do not choose this one. This is best for those who have certain areas that are painful or stiff.

The Trigger Point Massage – This is similar to the deep tissue massage. However, the person performing the massage will be able to work out where the difficult muscle is then apply deep pressure in order to help the muscle to relax. If you have tension or chronic pain in your muscles then this is the massage to go with.

Massages For General Health.

The massages we have mentioned are designed to help you to feel better afterwards. However, there are a few certain types of massages that will be more suitable if you want to boost your energy in a general way. These are as follows:

The Shiatsu Massage – This is a method that has come from Japan. It involves figure pressure and gentle stretches. The person performing the technique will do this on a variety of pressure points. The purpose of this is to help improve any muscles that may not be in balance with the energy that is in your body. This massage is suitable for those who don’t have much energy, who experience headaches regularly or have back pain.

Thai Massage – This is a massage that will involve your whole body. Your whole body will be manipulated through stretches that are similar to yoga. The person performing the massage will use their whole body. This is so that pressure can be put onto your muscles, and loosen your joints. This massage is suitable for those who need to improve their energy, and for general health and well-being.

The Sports Massage – As the name suggest, this is for those who are physically active all the time. It uses Swedish Shiatsu techniques and a combination of other techniques that are focused on the type of sport that you participate in. It can treat injury and it can stop injury from occurring. This massage is best suited for athletes.

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